Managing Tinnitus with Zen Therapy

Sinus Surgery and Balloon Sinuplasty

CCENT offers the latest technology for Sinus treatment. Visit our sinus center to learn more. [Learn More]

PILLAR for Snoring & Sleep Apnea

CCENT is the leading provider in the newest treatments for snoring and sleep apnea including PILLAR. [Learn More]

Pediatric ENT Services

CCENT provides General Pediatric ENT Services such as Ear Tubes.
[Lean More]

Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center

The place for cosmetic skin care in the Carolinas! Learn about our skin care products. [Learn More]

Vertigo Treatment

CCENT is the location in all of the Carolina's for treatment of Vertigo.
[Learn More]

Hearing Aids & Audiology

CCENT is the place to be fitted for hearing aids. Meet our Audiologist and learn more about our hearing center.
[Learn More]

We are Pleased to Announce - Dr. Alexander will be joining CCENT August 2015

Dr. Alexander Joining CCENT 2015

China - Show Hope 2013 Mission

CCENT recently donated some ear tubes which Wake Med took to China on their Show Hope 2013 mission trip. Here is a picture of the kids who benefited from the ear tubes donated by CCENT. Click here



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